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Updated: May 25, 2020

Ekseption Caviar Home Treatment Sets

We have chosen the Caviar line as a perfect solution to help you to maintain healthy skin at home. Why? because the caviar line contains two key ingredients, these are caviar & retinol. Caviar has excellent anti-ageing properties. It has been found to speed up the natural production of collagen by up to 67%. It contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin and reduce the signs of ageing. Caviar is very rich in vitamins especially vitamins (A, B, D and E), oligo-elements (sodium, potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, iron), micro-elements (cobalt, copper, silica), proteins and amino acids. It has moisturising and emollient properties and is highly recommended for aged and wrinkled skin. Retinol regulates epithelial cell (surface of the skin) functions. Over 40 years of established research demonstrates that retinol can visibly increase the firmness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, significantly improve uneven skin tone, smooth and refine the surface of skin.

There are other great ingredients which you can see by visiting the products on the store and clicking on the ingredient tab for each product. To get the most from your set we recommend that you use the caviar cream daily and once per week perform a set treatment as detailed below:

  1. Cleanse the skin, towel or tissue dry.

  2. Tone the skin.

  3. Apply caviar peel, a thin layer to gloss the skin (start with 5 minutes first session increasing up to 10 minutes), this is an optional step. Remove the peel with tepid water. Towel or tissue dry the skin.

  4. Apply caviar liquid mask (either spritz onto the skin or infuse a cellulose mask), leave for 10 minutes or until dry (you can apply additional mask in this time). Do not wash off. Leave the skin to dry and become slightly tacky.

  5. Apply caviar repair cream with circular, upwards massage movements

  6. Always apply an SPF if you are leaving the house to protect your skin (All day shield).

Here are our suggestions below for Caviar Sets, starting with the lowest priced option first. We have also explained the benefits of each additional product if you want to increase your set size.

Set 1:

  • Caviar Liquid Mask & Caviar Repair Cream

This is a great starter option as the two products work hand in hand. The caviar repair cream is suitable for all skin types including sensitive. It is designed for an aged skin, including anyone with early signs of ageing. The liquid mask containing hyaluronic acid, retinol and caviar is an intensive weekly treatment to nourish and repair the skin.

Set 2:

  • Caviar Liquid Mask, Caviar Repair Cream & Caviar Peel

This set has the added advantage of the chemical peel which will increase visible results quickly. The caviar peel not only contains caviar but also two different chemical peels (PHA's) combined with enzymes. Your skin will feel soft and look fresh and radiant after first use. Be careful to not to leave this product on your skin for too long. We suggest up to 5 minutes for the first application to see how your skin responds. After that application you will have a better idea if it can be applied for a longer time. Please see product guidance before use.


There are additional products that you can add to either set which will enhance your home treatment experience and increase your visible results. These are:

Post-peel masks

Handy compact pre-cut dry mask made of cellulose that are very easy to use. There are no ingredients in these masks which are presented in a tablet form that expands when activated with liquid. A great option for times when you want to extend your caviar liquid mask experience. Rather than spritzing the liquid mask onto your skin we suggest that you take a dip dish, remove the lid on the top of the caviar liquid mask and pour a little into the dish. Drop in the cellulose mask, flip it over multiple times so that the liquid is evenly absorbed. The mask should be moist and easy to open out but should not be dripping with product. Once the mask is ready apply it to your face, lean back and relax for 10-15 minutes.

All-in-one cleanse & peel + Monsoon mist & tone

If the time is right and you are ready to replace your existing cleanser & toner we highly recommend these two products. Firstly you will have the full ekseption experience, the products are beautiful, they smell and feel fantastic. However most importantly they will work together in harmony with the products from your caviar set.

Part of the appeal of ekseption is that it is a very safe resurfacing skincare range. When your beauty routine includes only ekseption products they have the ability to control and lower the pH of your skin, unlike conventional skincare. This results in faster cell turn over and exfoliation, bringing your skin back to life, reducing wrinkles and increasing radiance.

After only two months of using just ekseption your skin will look and feel as if you have had an ekseption chemical peel treatment.

Another excellent reason to incorporate these products is because the all-in-one cleanse & peel contains a PHA (polyhydroxy acid) which is a chemical peel. Every time you cleanse your skin you drip feed it with a chemical peel ingredient that gives you the added benefit of a gentle peel to help you reach your goal of younger and healthier looking skin. The toning mist is also very important to keep your skin balanced and help speed up the removal of dead skin cells. If you use higher pH products they will counteract the resurfacing benefits of the mask and cream for part of the day. The skin pH will shift more and slow down the removal of damaged and dead skin.

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If you require any advice regarding your skin or our products, please contact us via email or the chat facility.

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