Introducing Ekseption Skincare

Ekseption is an exclusive skincare range. The manufacturer of this brand has over 15 years experience in the field of skincare and aesthetic medicine, providing comprehensive cosmetic solutions incorporating a high degree of innovation and effectiveness.

Ekseption is a resurfacing skincare based on scientific research, incorporating the latest generation of active ingredients such as: polyhydroxy acids (PHA's), acids, peptides, growth factors, retinol and natural extracts. The range can be used as a stand alone option at home to keep the skin in optimal condition, and it can also be used alongside Ekseption chemical peel treatments to enhance results, repair, regenerate, and balance the skin. When used at home in conjunction with your specific chemical peel treatment plan, little to no downtime is experienced, setting standards for a new generation of chemical peel treatments that maintain the integrity of the skin whilst delivering optimal results.

Now for the first time ever you can purchase Ekseption skincare online! and we are pleased to be the first store making this brand accessible to everyone.

Ekseption is a remarkable skincare range that blends superior ingredients with beautiful scents and lovely textures. The products just melt into the skin and feel beautiful. So if you haven't tried products from the Ekseption range before, you are truly missing out.

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