Join us in celebrating the launch of our new online store!

To kickoff the launch of our online store we have some exclusive offers available. We are extremely excited to launch the store with two exclusive brands that have previously never been available for online purchase.

About Us

We have successfully been working with skincare in the beauty and aesthetic market for more years than we like to remember. Educating, advising and supporting our customers so that they can provide valuable advice directly to you.

Our passion for good products grows with each passing day. We love the experience of beautiful scents, unique textures, but most importantly we love using products that work.

Our team are skincare experts, and love sharing their knowledge. Our new venture is a journey that we can take together, and we can't wait to guide you through easy and smart ways to take care of your skin!

COVID-19, how we can help

Now is a crucial time to take care of yourself and your skin. Stress, lifestyle and the current working environment can all have a negative effect. We have therefore lowered the price of key products across our store by 15-20%, until the end of June 2020, on products such as eye creams, face creams and sun protection, that are essential in order for you to care for your skin daily.

We have a special promo code that you can request if you are working on the front-line (go to the contact us page and complete the form to receive the code). This gift of £5 will be deducted at point of sale by entering the special code, and it will not effect other discounts or savings throughout the store.

From all of us @thehappyskinstore we hope you enjoy browsing through our store. Keep a look out for more products and brands that are due to be added this week!

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