Safety of Growth Factors & Peptides

Explanation of how growth factors & peptides work, and why they are safe to use in skincare.

Growth factors are secreted proteins that exert multiple effects on cell growth, metabolism and differentiation. Although, the term growth factor was initially used to describe secreted substances that enhanced cell division, this phrase now includes peptides that stimulate or inhibit the progression of cells through mitosis, as well as proteins that act principally to regulate cellular differentiation. To accomplish these and other biological actions, growth factors activate specific cellular receptors.

Receptors are modular proteins that can bind to cells and transmit the information to induce changes in cellular biochemistry. There is an explosive increase in knowledge about growth factor and peptides in biology. This has included the characterization of many growth factors in the human body, their receptors and binding proteins. Through novel molecular biological techniques, it is possible to produce pure recombinant growth factors and peptides.

Growth factors and peptides have an excellent safety and effectiveness. Many hormones also regulate the growth and development of cells and tissue. But growth factors are not hormones even if they can show certain similarities. Unlike hormones growth factors are not produced in specialised organs or glands but by many tissues in the body. Hormones act at distant locations from their sites (systemic action) of synthesis and have an endocrine mode of action. Growth factors act at the location where they are synthetised or administrated. This mechanism of action of peptides and growth factor guarantee a high safety profile as they act only locally on adjacent cells.

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