The HAIR LOSS AND COLOURS SHAMPOO has been developed specifically for hair that is weak and for those who are prone to hair loss. It provides strength, volume and protects coloured hair.

HAIR LOSS AND COLOURS SHAMPOO contains essential ingredients that have a powerful action on the hair folicle metabolism, which enables and enhances micro-circulation of the scalp preventing premature capillary ageing and baldness. It is especially suited for white blonde and chestnut coloured hair.


If your hair is very damaged, alternate with ATP OXYGEN EQUILIBRIUM SHAMPOO once a week.

This product now comes with a silver top.

Hair Loss & Colours Shampoo 500ml

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    • Stimulates hair growth
    • Prevents excess shedding and loss of hair
    • Prevents capillary ageing
    • Protects colour
    • Provides strength and volume
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