Hyaluronic NIACIN serum has been created to specifically increase moisturise and to boost collagen within the skin. It contains XS hyaluronic acid 2%, and Niacinamide 5%. Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3 is an essential nutrient that the skin needs for protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. 


The Hyaluronic NIACIN serum is suitable for all skin types, however it is especially beneficial for aged skins. We recommend this serum to anyone who is looking to re-energise their skin, nourish and reduce the signs of ageing.


This serum contains a base solution with XS hyaluronic acid, a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that travels deep into the epidermis, and a blend of naturally occurring fruit acids (lactic, citric, tartaric, gluconic) that effectively combat the signs of ageing. 


Hyaluronic NIACIN serum feels rich and nutritive despite it being oil-free and has a velvet and non sticky after-feel.


  • This serum can be mixed in any proportion with other mixlab serums to create a personalised formulation with additional benefits.
  •  It can be added as part, or in full (2 doses) to the hyaluronic mix-mask to create a personalised mask.

hyaluronic NIACIN 70ml

SKU: 3003
    • Improves skin moisture
    • Energises the skin
    • Reduces redness & blotchiness
    • Reduces oil
    • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
    • Repairs lipid barrier function
    • Protects against sun damage


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