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Skin Antiseptic and Disinfectant, Hand sanitiser. Kills 99.9999% of All Germs on Contact. Skin Friendly.


NatraSan Antiseptic Spray is a revolution in healthcare. It contains pure hypochlorous acid, the body's own antiseptic. Hypochlorous is produced in all humans and animals. It is the mild but incredibly effective acidic substance released by our white blood cells to kill germs including bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and moulds but it is completely safe to humans, animals and the environment.


Natrasan kills 99.9999% of harmful germs in seconds.

Use NatraSan as an antiseptic, skin disinfectant and also a disinfectant for hard and soft surfaces. Completely safe in eyes and ears and to sanitise the inside of the mouth.


Packed in a handy 100ml pump spray. The Travel Buddy is a first aid kit essential to have with you in the car, on holiday, on walks or in your handbag. Ideal also for sanitising baby skin and nappy area and to sanitise hands.


NatraSan Antiseptic Spray 500ml

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    • Eliminates odours caused by bacteria
    • pH neutral 
    • Non-irritating, non-sting
    • Contains no alcohol, harmful chemicals, antibiotics or preservatives
    • Can be used in eyes, ears and mouth
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