Probiotic ultraserum is a rich night serum that has an ultra-nourishing effect on the skin and is most suited to dry, sensitive skin and combination skin types. The pre/pro-biotic complex is made of α-glucooligosaccharides that are obtained by enzymatic synthesis from vegetal substrates, and are made of 100% pure plant juice, rich in β--fructooligosaccharides, obtained by cold pressing of Jicama or Yacon tubers, and made of Lactobacillus Pro-biotic Bacteria.

This serum will restore the skins ecoflora and biological defenses. It rich in natural sugars (GOS and FOS), that help to improve the appearance and comfort of the skin preventing the sensation of tightness.  Probiotic Ultraserum will also reduce breakouts and excess sebum on the skin. 

Probiotic ultraserum 30ml

SKU: 2840
    • Improves skin moisture
    • Repairs sensitive skin
    • Prevents redness of the skin
    • Heals and repairs
    • Regulates natural skin functions
    • Reduces excess sebum
    • Reduces and prevents breakouts
    • Light texture
    • Nourishing


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