TRIPLE ACTION CONDITIONER with ALOE VERA contains a special formulation that works in three different ways to leave the hair feeling soft, silky and radiant. SIMONE TRICHOLOGY have developed a highly concentrated conditioner that can be applied to all types of hair but it is especially suited to dry, damaged hair that lacks vitality.


The triple Trichological effect results from targeting three main areas:

  • It repairs the hair cuticle, which is the most damaged part of the hair, through an effective formula of trico-peptides 1%, which are similar to keratin.
  • The root is revitalised with a blend of brewer’s yeast 2%, a high concentration of B Vitamins, trichogens, and enzymes, together with additional important Trichological ingredients.
  • The brightness and silkiness of the hair is brought back to life by the impressive proportion of cationic composites (5%), which attach themselves to the capillary surface, as they have the ability to cling to wet surfaces by static attraction.

Triple Action Conditioner 500ml

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    • Repairs the hair cuticle
    • Revitalises the root of the hair
    • Strengthens and prevents breakages
    • Nourishes the hair shaft
    • Brightens the hair
    • Leaves the hair feeling soft and silky







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